Configure: Has Microsoft Mail Airmail

I personally love the Airmail for Mac OS X application, but if there is something that I hate is when it doesn't work automatically as you expect it. A week ago I was trying to set up my college account of Microsoft Office 365 and was really quite frustrating, primarily because Microsoft does not provide enough third-party information and the Airmail support page is very widespread and insufficient and not me was helpful for anything. Fortunately, I was able to configure it successfully.

Let me help you with the configuration in three easy steps:

1. Log in to your account from Outlook, Hotmail or Office 365.

Go to the Outlook section and select the small gear (⚙) side.

2. Copy the configuration you want: my server and the ports were already configured by default, this information may be different in your particular case, but in all ways share it with you.

Configuring SMTP

Server name:
Port: 587
Encryption method: TLS

 IMAP configuration

Server name:
Port: 993
Encryption method: SSL

 POP settings

Server name:
Port: 995
Encryption method: SSL


3. Test information: once you have the data from the server, the port and the encryption placed in their respective place, remember to Test IMAP and SMTP Test to both buttons to make sure that everything is set up properly. You will receive a message saying that it was configured successfully, or that there was an error. If you had an error, check that you entered the data correctly.

Click the Save button to save and ready. Airmail should begin to download some e-mails that have not been archived in Outlook.

Particular cases:

In case that you have not yet received or you can send messages with your newly created account, even if you've tested both both buttons such as SMTP IMAP, changing configurations that are above both buttons, in my particular case was put to NONE IMAP and SMTP on LOGIN. Whenever you make a change, close (⌘ + Q) and then reopen the application. Remember to save your settings whenever you make a change. Then send a test message to yourself with another account e-mail to test your custom settings.

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