My second project, worthy of being played: Cruship (Crushed Ships) takes you to the stars of the alien war against suicidal fighters who are after your precious life. Avoid the dangers of an asteroid field and blow up your enemies by shooting multiple lasers. Collect blue bullets to refill ammo, coins for extra score points, green pills to restore health, hearts to restore life, shields for extra defense.
Take down as many as you can in the Eternal Survival mode (the only mode available actually).

Play Cruship Beta (mobile not supported).



  1. – Use the Up [w],Right [d], Down [s], Left [a] keys to move the player characteror alternatively, move your ship with the [arrow keys].
  2. – The [left-click] mouse button fires normal bullets, [middle-click] shoots a missile that splits in two, and [right-click] fires three different shots.
  3. – Hold down [space] to move fast momentarily.
  4. – Collect bullets to reload ammunition, coins to score extra points, green pills to restore health, red pills to restore lives and get shields to give you additional protection.
  5. – Hold down [c] to attract PowerUps to your Player like a magnet.
  6. Press [p] to Pause the game at any time during gameplay.
  7. Click on the game window and [right-click] on the game screen then select Go full screen” to take the maximum advantage of the features built in game.
  8. – Use a mouse with three buttons to have a better experience.


If the game does not run properly go to Cruship (external link)

  • Jan

    Please leave me a comment if you found this game to be interesting, maybe fun or horrible, everything counts as feedback… 🙂

  • Lia Ark

    great work! keep going 🙂

    • Hi Lia, thank you very much for your comment, it means the world to me!